Tech-Savvy Eng’g Students Show Inventions

A Dancing Robot, an Industrial Robotic Arm, a Home-based Path-finder Walkerbot, a Drum Set Robotic Motor, and a PDA-Controller Robot—these were some of the cool gizmos exhibited at the Adamson University booth during the 8th ASEAN Science and Technology Week celebration. Organized by the Department of Science and Technology in collaboration with the ASEAN Foundation, the multi-school exhibit was held from July 7-11, 2008 at the World Trade Center, Diosdado Macapagal Ave., Pasay City. These inventions—brought to life by the creative minds of AdU Engineering Students—took center stage again after they enjoyed a prolonged media mileage last year during the Diamond Jubilee celebration. They were among the wide array of technological breakthroughs showcased at the DOST-sponsored exhibit.

The Electrical Engineering (EE) department displayed their Industrial Pick and Place Robotic Arm, programmed for a pick-and-place application to faithfully carry out actions over and over again, without variation and with a degree of accuracy useful for industrial purposes.

The Computer Engineering (CpE) had their pneumatic Drum Set Robotic Application Motor, which employs a controlled movement of air pressure to move a motor. They also had the Dancing Robot that danced to the beat of music via a computer-controlled program designed to create movements on the robot’s body parts. This amusing robot had been featured in Korina Sanchez’s show 'Rated K.'

For their part, the Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) department presented their Home-Based Path-Finder Four-Legged Walkerbot and the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Controller Robot. Battery-activated, the former can walk on a flat surface and find the right path via a beam sensor; it can also navigate through a maze using a proximity sensor. The latter is small but powerful gadget that uses leveraging technology. It can manipulate a robot from the palm of one’s hand. This non-bulky, computer bluetooth-enabled robot controller can be used in search and rescue operations. “Its robotic arm is very useful in getting samples from a place where chemical substances pose health hazards to humans from 10 to 100 meters away,” says ECE Chairperson Evelyn Raguindin.