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Acquire Asia Pacific centres are located in the cities of Melbourne, Australia and Manila, The Philippines. Both state of the art facilities were designed and built with ultimate deliberation for both clients and staff. We specialise in the design, implementation and management of all your customer contact solutions with current market edge on Australasia, Canada and the USA.
Our Focus is always on achieving quality results, this is why the process of implementing a call centre based business solutions strategy requires careful analysis, planning and deployment. From your initial sales and marketing ideas, we can help form tailor made programs to personalise your message and maximize your business resources.
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Our Method operates on some very basic but powerful premises: 1) Hire the right people. 2) Develop them well and empower them with tools and continuous development. 3) Relentless review of the outcomes and refocus towards improvement. Hence, the 3 P’s of OUR success - People, Process and Performance.
Solutions are tailor made and implemented by an experienced account management team. Regardless of program size, we deliver genuine customer and client centric services, wherein the client is always encouraged to engage in the operational delivery model to the extent requested. We offer Executive Services to account for all aspects of the relationship.
Quality Results are evident across the board and are a matter company principle. We work with you to ensure that you achieve and maintain your ideal business objectives.

"Design, implementation and management of customer contact solutions."
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At Acquire Asia Pacific, we endeavor to provide you and your customers compelling solutions as differentiators to the competition. Highly skilled agents; masters in Customer Services and Sales, know not only how to keep your customers, but how to keep them coming back!
We specialise in the design, implementation and management of customer contact solutions which are specifically tailored to meet the demands of one’s business.
With extensive experience in building and managing call centres, we believe that the key to success with any outsourced or offshore project is in providing client insight and involvement along with experienced local management to oversee the fulfillment of each campaign.
Acquire Asia Pacific’s team is comprised of industry experts, with a combination of international and offshore contact centre experience. We specialise in designing customer acquisition and customer care programs to optimize customer contacts and meet your strategic needs.
Acquire Asia Pacific contact centres are located in Melbourne, Australia and Manila, Philippines. Whilst corporately owned and headquartered in Melbourne, both facilities can offer our clients the value of offshore savings and quality as well as international redundancy where required.
Our centres operate a range of services, including;
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  • Outbound Sales
  • Customer Acquisition & Value Add Sales
  • Outbound Satisfaction Surveys
  • Inbound Sales
  • Inbound TPV Services
  • Inbound Customer Service / Customer Care
  • Inbound Technical Support Services
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Retention & Collections
Acquire call centres are built around providing the highest possible quality whilst providing a low cost alternative outsourcing solution to our clients. Quality is the focus, from the equipment and technology sourced right through to the recruitment and training provided to the agents.
Our services give clients access to a unique blend of outsourcing and off shoring experience that provides economic efficiencies and minimises risks. We work in partnership to create mutually beneficial business arrangements that ensure you achieve and maintain your business objectives.

Location :

Manila - Philippines

A brand new state of the art call centre was custom built early this year (2008) and is currently home to more than 700 dedicated staff and growing. Located in the heart of metro Manila, nearby to Shangri-La Plaza Mall and hotel”, it spans over 3,600 square metres, on one unique single level facility with plans to expand further; no elevators, no queues, no lost production time!

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